Testimonials from the many viewers of Silicon Run films over the years.

I’ve been using the Si Run films in my classes for quite a while now and think they are exceptional. The students are very complimentary of them and a few who have gone off to industry still say how useful they were to their understanding. I figured these two later films would also be in that same vein.
Stephen J. Pearton
University of Florida

I have by now sampled several of your works and I can say that they are the best films on semiconductor technology subjects that I have seen. You rock!
Robin Turner
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
The University of British Columbia

I use Silicon Run Lite in several classes and have always found it very useful.
John D. Cressler, Professor in Electronics
Georgia Institute of Technology

We have been using Silicon Run films for many years. Thank you for your wonderful work. Just from our lab and courses, hundreds of students and visitors have learned a lot from them.
Helena Silva
Associate Professor
Electrical and Computer Engineering

University of Connecticut

Thank you for producing fantastic films!
Scott Hanneman
Technology and Engineering Instructor

Wrightstown High School

Thank you very much… the Silicon Run series is a great learning medium for semiconductor processes.
Graeme Coe
Training & Certification Manager Global Services
Edwards Vacuum

I own the MEMS film and use it all the time, particularly when we have student groups come to our MEMS fab. I got the Nanotechnology DVD in the mail today and just watched it – another fantastic production!
David Gottfried

Manager, Community and Government Affairs
Smart System Technology & Commercialization Center
College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering

I wanted to express to you how much we appreciate the MEMS DVD. It is wonderfully complete and the graphics and descriptive material are excellent. We plan to use this DVD every semester for both in-class and recruitment activities. Congratulations on a job extremely well done.
John Wagner
Chippewa Valley Technical College

After watching Silicon Lite, a student commented, ‘that might just be the coolest thing I have ever seen!’
Professor Kristi Jean
Center for Nanoscience Technology Training
North Dakota State College of Science

We have Silicon Run Lite and it really wakes up the students. You guys do good work and you don’t over charge like your competitors.
Professor Michael Plumb
Tidewater Community College

Thank you for making such a terrific film. I enjoy showing Silicon
Run Lite to students for whom the idea that computers and sand have
anything to do with each other is a revelation.
Harold Clark
Liberty Science Center

I located a copy of Silicon Run I and showed it to our new recruits – it was perfect.
Jane England, Product Manager
Air Products

I highly recommend the series to any instructor teaching materials or electronics courses. In my upper division course, I find Silicon Run I and II essential to conveying the complexity, yet simplicity of producing integrated circuits and electronic packages. I show Silicon Run Lite in my sophomore introduction to materials course. This film always sparks their excitement for electronic materials.
Prof. Julie M. Schoenung
UC Davis

I have viewed two of your films, SRI & SRLithography, and I give them both two thumbs up. I certainly will be using them with my fab course?
Ernest Levine
Albany University

The SILICON RUN I and II films I purchased long ago have been seen in every semester that we have taught IC fabrication. The interest I see in every student that watches it is so satisfying to me. Now that we are officially making CMOS devices, the films relate closely with many steps we are doing.Laureen Rose
Microelectronics Research Center
Georgia Institute of Technology

The students like your SILICON RUN SERIES very much, and it constitutes an excellent introduction into the field of microelectronics.N.F. de Rooij
Institute of Microtechnology
University of Neuchatel

We showed SILICON RUN I first as an introduction to the subject – it gives good overview and rapid visual association with the terminology to be used. A copy is available to students at any time during the course, and a second viewing is required before the end.Dennis G. Smith
University of Alabama, Birmingham

The two films are great. Very useful, about the right level. We have purchased a number of films over the years, but many are too product oriented or too expensive and go out of date quickly. The SILICON RUN films should be relevant for a few years. We show them in third and fourth year electronics courses and to grad students and second year classes when appropriate.Professor J.W. Haslett
University of Calgary

Your films are a wonderful teaching tool.Khoman Phang
University of Toronto

Excellent film! We use it in our undergraduate semiconductor device course, and also show it to lab visitors who do not have semiconductor backgrounds.Ben Streetman
University of Texas, Austin

Good, quick overviews of the technology. They serve for both those who need only a general knowledge of the technology and those who need a birdseye view of the whole process in order to study it in further detail.Marek Sosnowski
New Jersey Institute of Technology

The best, if not the only, overview of back-end processing I have come across. We schedule our fundamental circuit course around calculations of interconnect delays in computers, so your film is very useful.Michael Reed
Carnegie Mellon University

Very helpful films, very popular with students. Good for beginners as well as the more advanced.Robert Beresford
Brown University

These films are very well done. We use them in introductory courses, and my wife also uses them in her high school classes to attract students to careers in science and engineering.Wayne Anderson
State University of New York at Buffalo

Exceedingly well done. The style of the film truly does portray the culture of the semiconductor industry: it’s quick, driven, modern, high tech, visually exciting, well paced – a very nice artistic change from most teaching films. Because the process shots are interspersed with device animations, students are able to quickly relate processes to device physics. This immediate tie between the macroscopic and microscopic worlds is impossible to obtain in a traditional lab/classroom setting. Even the most personal tour of an IC facility would not allow students such an intimate view of each process. Carol McConica
Chemical Engineering
Oregon State University

Very good films. I use them for a course in electronic materials processing.Emily Allen
San Jose State University

Professors at the University of Arizona will show several of the Silicon Run films during a course on Microelectronics Manufacturing and the Environment. The series offers students an excellent overview of semi-conductor manufacturing processes with informative film shots.Sally Clement
Education Coordinator NSF/SRC ERC for Environmentally Benign Semiconductor Manufacturing
University of Arizona

Your films are a big hit with the Tech 4 Education consortium here in Central Florida.Colin M. Ramsay
Manatee Community College

These films are works of art. We get 75 teachers at out Chip Camp and they love them.Brian J. Vancata
Valencia Community College

I’ve been very pleased with the series. The films bring it all together for the students – they’re locked in.Rex Fisher
Ricks College

Everyone here is quite fond of the Silicon Run films. We use them a lot.
Tarrant County Junior College

Excellent films – we enjoyed them. They give a great live illustration of what students are trying to read in a book. I use them in our solid state courses They’re also used in a CIS program to give an appreciation of what’s really happening with electronics circuitry.James G. Smith
IVY Tech, Lafayette

One of the best technical films I have ever seen. Both films are very useful to us.Jim Bearman
DeKalb Technical Institute

I highly recommend that Silicon Run II along with Silicon Run I be used in any introductory curriculum pertaining to the integrated circuit. The films also show the many technical positions open in the industry and emphasize the skills needed to qualify for them. They are great recruiting tools for our department! Bruce Bothwell
Chemeketa Community College

Great film! Quality work, and highly valued in my library. Several other professors use it as well.Stan Garren
East Carolina University

These films are really nice. They show in a short time what it takes a long time to tell. We use them in our technology courses and our outreach to high schools, vocational schools and business groups such as Rotary. Student teachers find them useful too.R. Dreucci
California University of Pennsylvania

Good films. I use them for a couple of electronics courses and weave them into workshops. We also use Silicon Run I through our Office of Public Instruction.Joe Barnhart
Western Montana College

These are excellent films. We use them both at the main campus and Great Falls in CIS courses and an electronics survey course for non majors.Larry Strizich
Montana State University-Northern

I have found films like Silicon Run’s very valuable to physics students. Physics students spend most of their time in classrooms so their exposure to physics is entirely theoretical. They know these theoretical principles play an important role in modern technology; however, they have little idea how physics is implemented at the product level. Invariably, they find the fabrication of the computer chip very fascinating.Peter Y. Yu
University of California

Very useful tool for providing a background that we can’t normally give our students.H.H. Jorch
Physics & Computing
Wilfrid Laurier University

It is very interesting to see something made from a pile of sand into a finished product.Byron K. Leles
Snead State Community College

An excellent job of capturing the technical challenges associated with the design, manufacturing and assembly of integrated circuits. In addition, they are presented in an artistic manner which makes the process interesting to a wide variety of audiences. These films will be interesting to viewers in our educational programs for college students as well as our technical staff.Ray Yarema
Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory

Good quality, well-made, informative and interesting. Silicon Run II exposes students to a manufacturing process that they would otherwise not see. Rejean Barriacult
New Brunswick Community College – St. John

Very good films. I use them every year for Computer Architecture. I show them early in the course and refer to them later on. James R. Case

Great films. I use them in our Computer Organization classes along with the Hennesy/Patterson textbook on computer architecture.Mary Jefferson
Rockford College

This film will be shown to our third term in digital. It nicely ties together the concepts in Silicon Run I with materials studied in the first two digital courses.Cal Hicks
Kelsey Campus Saskatchewan
Institute of Applied Science & Technology

Very useful film. We use it in introductory courses, Digital Design and Computer Architecture.Ivan Tomek
Acadia University, Nova Scotia

Extremely well done. It is very informative to see the creation of chips at this extremely low level.Gerald I. Isaacs
Carroll College

Of our 600 films in our library the Silicon Run films are the most popular by far.Ryan Morganegg
Applied Materials

Silicon Run Lite, what a good idea! This truly basic introduction will be used here a lot. We hae 20 copies of Silicon Run I and they are always checked out, but many of our less technical employees will be happy to see a less technical video.Cathy McPherson
American Microsystems, Inc.

I’ve worked the majority of my career working at various semiconductor companies on design and test issues, but I’ve never had the opportunity to observe and understand the detail of fab processing until I watched Silicon Run I. If you haven’t seen it, you’re missing a lot!Guy Perry
Soft Test, INc.

We show Silicon Run I twice a month to our new employees.Susan Hamilton
Line Maintenance Training Officer

I market semiconductors and I had no idea of the complexity involved in their manufacture – it was sort of like a black art – until I saw the Silicon Run film. I found the information very usefu and approachable.Theresa Buckholz
Strategic Communications Manager and Community Relations Liason
Mitsubishi Electronics America

The Silicon Run film series has become a standard of instruction at Level One Communications for several years now. Because we are a ‘fabless’ semiconductor design and test facility, the Silicon Run series has supplemented our staff with the wafer fabrication and assembly technology many typically don’t get a chance to observe. Thanks for the behind the scenes view of this marvelous semiconductor industry.Dan Hamilton
Staff Trainer

Both technical managers and manufacturing managers loved Silicon Run Lite. I’ve been looking for a film like this for a long time.Joe De La Cruz
Technical Training
Texas Instruments

The Silicon Run Series provides a wealth of information about IC and computer manufacturing – a must for PR firms and marketing professionals in the high tech arena.Jean LeMoin
MCA Inc.

I saw Silicon Run II and thought it was great! I’m a manufacturing manager and I want to show it to all my operators.Eric Tobias
Manufacturing Manager
Applied Micro Circuits Corporation

A very informative presentation of the IC manufacturing process that shows the translation of theory into practice.Todd K. Citron
Systems Engineering Manager
Hughes Aircraft Company

High School and Middle School Instruction

My class loved Silicon Run Lite. Great response! It got them all excited and they asked very good questions.Bruce Kawanami
Monte Vista High School
San Jose, CA

The Silicon Run films are very useful. They give students an idea of how chips are made. We use them in a class in computer architecture and also a class in general technology.Gerald C. Busch
Mauston High School
Mauston, WI

The students and I appreciated Silicon Run Lite very much. It is well done and suited for the classes I teach. I appreciate your efforts to make this information available to young people in an effective presentation.Mrs. Linda M. Wilkins
Strathcona Christian Academy
Sherwood Park
Alberta, Canada