SILICON RUN’s film LITHOGRAPHY examines the role of photolithography in imaging and printing the many intricate layers of integrated circuits. Focusing on critical and non-critical mask levels of a CMOS transistor, this video takes a close look at the manufacturing materials, tools, and processes that have made more precise and complex submicron lithography possible.

SILICON RUN LITHOGRAPHY shows how mask patterns are greatly reduced and precisely positioned on silicon wafers using "step and repeat" and "step and scan" exposure processes.

31 minutes / 1999

I wish I’d seen this video when I first started in lithography field. I would have quickly explained things I didn’t know. It wasn’t until nine months on the job that I really began to understand the whole process.Luke Mullen
Cymer, Inc.

I have viewed two of your videos SILICON RUN I and SILICON RUN LITHOGRAPHY, and I give them both two thumbs up.Ernest Levine
Albany University

Lithography TOPIC Summary

  • CMOS Review
  • Mask Design
  • Photoresist Manufacture
  • Resist Tolerances
  • Resolution Factors
  • Track Systems
  • Coat, Develop & Wafer Prep
  • Exposure Energy Sources
  • Image Reduction
  • I-Line Steppers
  • DUV Scanners
  • Critical Alignment
  • Critical Dimension
  • Standing Waves
  • Anti-Reflective Coat
  • Defect Inspection

Partially Funded by Intel Foundation, Applied Materials, Nikon Precision, Shipley, Inc., Cymer, Inc., Prism Technologies, KLA-Tencor, and SEMI