Silicon Run II


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Silicon Run II

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Silicon Run II in 9-DVD set

Includes: Nanotechnology, MEMS, Silicon Run I, Silicon Run II, Silicon Run Lite, Deposition, Lithography, Etch and Implantation.

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SILICON RUN II explores manufacturing after the silicon wafers have been fabricated. This film reviews IC fabrication and continues by showing how IC wafers are tested, sorted, and packaged into individual microchips. These devices are then assembled onto the printed circuit boards used in personal computers. They are also seen assembled onto the multi-chip modules of high-end computers.

SILICON RUN II is especially valued as an overview of back-end semiconductor manufacturing and electronic systems assembly.

35 minutes / 1993

A wonderful job of showing the manufacturing process from IC’s to building the whole computer. Anyone with curiosity about how computers are really made should watch SILICON RUN II.Gordon Bell, Computer Industry Pioneer

A clear concise and highly entertaining view of the world of electronic system manufacture.Jim Plummer, Dean of Engineering, Stanford University

Silicon Run II TOPIC Summary

  • IC Fab Review
  • CAD Design
  • Sorting and Testing
  • Packaging
  • PC Board Design and Assembly
  • System Assembly
  • Software
  • Computer Structure
  • Signal Integrity
  • Multi-chip Module Technology

Partially funded by the National Science Foundation, the Intel Foundation, Apple Computer, Digital Equipment Corporation, SEMI, and the Department of Electrical Engineering, Stanford University.