Silicon Run Lite

SILICON RUN LITE combines key sequences and images from both SILICON RUN I and SILICON RUN II to show from the growth of silicon crystals through the assembly of a personal computer. Live industrial footage, microscopic filming, animation, graphics, and special effects give an up-close view of manufacturing.

SILICON RUN LITE is an ideal introduction to the semiconductor and electronics industry that everyone can enjoy. It is particularly suited to beginning electronics and pre-engineering students, general science courses, and senior high school physics or technology courses, as well as industry’s new employees and non-technical personnel.

30 minutes / 1997

I was hoping for a film like SILICON RUN I and II, but not as detailed, that I could use for high schools. Then along comes SILICON RUN LITE. Perfect!Susan Burkett
Electrical Engineering
Boise State University

Thank you for making such a terrific film. I enjoy showing SILICON RUN LITE to students for whom the idea that computers and sand have anything to do with each other is a revelation.Harold Clark
Liberty Science Center

Silicon Run Lite TOPIC Summary

  • Crystal Growth and Wafer Production
  • Circuit Design and Layout
  • Mask Making
  • Clean Room Procedure
  • IC Fabrication
  • Testing and Packaging
  • PC Board Assembly
  • Computer Assembly

Partially funded by Intel, Hewlett-Packard and SEMI.