Silicon Run Lite

SILICON RUN LITE combines key sequences and images from both SILICON RUN I and SILICON RUN II to show from the growth of silicon crystals through the assembly of a personal computer. Live industrial footage, microscopic filming, animation, graphics, and special effects give an up-close view of manufacturing.

SILICON RUN LITE is an ideal introduction to the semiconductor and electronics industry that everyone can enjoy. It is particularly suited to beginning electronics and pre-engineering students, general science courses, and senior high school physics or technology courses, as well as industry’s new employees and non-technical personnel.

30 minutes / 1997

I was hoping for a film like SILICON RUN I and II, but not as detailed, that I could use for high schools. Then along comes SILICON RUN LITE. Perfect!Susan Burkett
Electrical Engineering
Boise State University
Thank you for making such a terrific film. I enjoy showing SILICON RUN LITE to students for whom the idea that computers and sand have anything to do with each other is a revelation.Harold Clark
Liberty Science Center

Comes with a Quiz!

Silicon Run Productions worked closely with Fairchild Semiconductor to develop a companion quiz for each SRP film. Quizzes use footage from the films and provide an excellent tool for students to test their knowledge. When you purchase the film, we’ll send you the information you need to download the quiz.

Silicon Run Lite TOPIC Summary

  • Crystal Growth and Wafer Production
  • Circuit Design and Layout
  • Mask Making
  • Clean Room Procedure
  • IC Fabrication
  • Testing and Packaging
  • PC Board Assembly
  • Computer Assembly

Partially funded by Intel, Hewlett-Packard and SEMI.