SILICON RUN’s film IMPLANTATION takes a close look at the process of ion implantation. This video shows how ions are accelerated to high energies and directed into specific regions of the silicon substrate to change its molecular structure and alter its electrical properties.

SILICON RUN’s film IMPLANTATION explores the various types of ion implanters used in IC fabrication. It also shows the role of energy, electrical potentials, beam analysis, ion acceleration, wafer scanning, and tilting in different ion implanters.

31 minutes / 2003

SILICON RUN IMPLANTATION is another fine educational tool from Ruth Carranza. It visually explores an area of semiconductor fabrication that instructors badly need since implantation occurs out of sight. Most impressive is the use of detailed animation that brings this process to life. SILICON RUN IMPLANTATION takes its place among the many useful videos in the Silicon Run Series.Jim Plummer
Dean of Engineering
Stanford University

SILICON RUN IMPLANTATION provides an excellent description of a process step that is often difficult to visualize. The balance between computer graphics that demonstrate what is happening at the atomic scale with coverage of actual equipment is very powerful.Julie M. Schoenung
Chemical Engineering and Material Sciences
University of California, Davis

Implantation Topic Summary

  • Silicon Structure
  • N & P Type Dopants
  • Types of Implanters
  • Vacuum
  • Beamline Assemblies
  • Beam Transport
  • Electric and Magnetic Fields
  • Dose Control
  • Electronic and Nuclear Stopping
  • Channeling
  • Diffusion
  • Annealing and Activation

Partially Funded by the National Science Foundation, Texas Instruments, Axcelis Technologies, Maricopa Advanced Technology Educational Center, and SEMI.