About Silicon Run Productions

Silicon Run has been producing award winning educational films about semiconductor and computer manufacturing since 1986, with its two most recent films exploring the exciting fields of Nanotechnology and MEMS (microelectromechanical systems). Each film features live industrial footage and illustrates technical processes using vivid animations and graphics. All Silicon Run titles are available on DVD and by streaming. »read more

Our Films

Silicon Run’s nine award winning educational films explore the fascinating process of semiconductor manufacturing from A to Z. Shot on site and illustrated with rich animations, Silicon Run’s films provide in-depth studies of such topics as: MEMS (microelectromechanical systems), Nanotechnology, Lithography, Implantation, Deposition, Etch, front end and back end semiconductor manufacturing (Silicon Run I and II) and Silicon Run LITE (an overview film useful as an intro).

Silicon Run Lite, what a good idea! This truly basic introduction will be used here a lot. We hae 20 copies of Silicon Run I and they are always checked out, but many of our less technical employees will be happy to see a less technical video.Cathy McPherson
American Microsystems, Inc.
Very good films. I use them for a course in electronic materials processing.Emily Allen
San Jose State University
Of our 600 films in our library the Silicon Run films are the most popular by far.Ryan Morganegg
Applied Materials