new film on nanoelectronics in pre-production

Our final addition to the Silicon Run Series will be a film on nanoelectronics. Principal investigator Ruth Carranza, with sponsoring research organization Pellet Productions, has been awarded a grant from the National Science Foundation to begin pre-production.

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Workshop with Educators

Our first research activity was a workshop at Stanford, which was attended by ten undergraduate science professors from Nanoelectronics meeting Nov 15, 2015the states of Washington, Oregon, New York and California, a representative from the semiconductor industry and a representative from the Computer History Museum.The purpose was to critique the existing Silicon Run Series, determine the need for and use of instructional films, and to discuss the upcoming film’s content.

Research Trip to IMEC

The second major activity consisted of doing research at IMEC, an international advanced nanoelectronics research center in Belgium. IMEC has agreed to serve as a location site if we obtain production funds from NSF. In March, Ruth Carrenza recorded conversations with scientists in the fields of logic, memory, lithography, atomic layering deposition, interconnects, long term scaling, and 3D testing. During a tour of IMEC’s 300mm CMOS production facility, Ruth took over 100 photographs of the extensive equipment used to manufacture today’s integrated circuits. These pictures will be used to identify the extensive equipment used in the IC fabrication process of the nanoelectronics film. IMEC-2 Photo taken at IMEC IMEC-4 Photo IMEC 2016

Proposal Submitted

Pellet Productions and Silicon Run Productions have submitted a proposal to the National Science Foundation requesting full funding for the production of Nanoelectronics.

We invite your suggestions and ideas, for film content as well as location sites.