Silicon Run Productions has been producing award winning educational films about semiconductor and computer manufacturing since 1986, with its two most recent films exploring the exciting fields of Nanotechnology and MEMS (microelectromechanical systems). Each film features live industrial footage and illustrates technical processes using vivid animations and graphics. All Silicon Run titles are available on DVD and by streaming. »read more

Everyone here is quite fond of the Silicon Run films. We use them a lot. Tarrant County Junior College
The students and I appreciated Silicon Run Lite very much. It is well done and suited for the classes I teach. I appreciate your efforts to make this information available to young people in an effective presentation.Mrs. Linda M. Wilkins
Strathcona Christian Academy
Sherwood Park
Alberta, Canada
The two films are great. Very useful, about the right level. We have purchased a number of films over the years, but many are too product oriented or too expensive and go out of date quickly. The SILICON RUN films should be relevant for a few years. We show them in third and fourth year electronics courses and to grad students and second year classes when appropriate.Professor J.W. Haslett
University of Calgary

New Film on Nanoelectronics in Pre-production!

Our final addition to the Silicon Run Series will be a film on nanoelectronics. NSF logoPrincipal investigator Ruth Carranza, with sponsoring research organization Pellet Productions, has been awarded a grant from the National Science Foundation to begin pre-production.

Workshop with Educators

Our first research activity was a workshop in November 2015 at Stanford, which was attended by ten undergraduate science professors from »read more